All Ohio Threaded Rod

Threaded Rods and Studs

At All Ohio Threaded Rod, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of threaded studs and rods to meet the varied demands of our customers. From low carbon options available in plain, zinc, hot dipped galvanized, and black oxide finishes, to specialized materials like ASTM A193 B7, which can be customized in plain, zinc, zinc yellow, and hot dipped galvanized coatings. We also excel in providing high-quality stainless steel studs in grades 304, 316, 303, 410, ASTM A193 B8 Class 1 & 2, and B8M Class 1 & 2. Additionally, our expertise extends to alloys including Grade 8 A354 BD, ASTM A193 B16, and ASTM A320 L7.

Threaded Rod


Available in custom lengths up to 12 feet with diameters of #6 to 4″


Available in custom lengths from 6/32″ to 4″ diameter

Supported Materials

Low Carbon: Available in plain, zinc, zinc yellow, hot dipped galvanized, and black oxide.

ASTM A193 B7 : Available in plain, zinc, zinc yellow and hot dipped galvanized.

Stainless: Available in 304 , 316 , 303 , 410, ASTM A193 B8 Class 1 & 2, B8M Class 1 & 2.

ASTM A354 BD Grade 8

ASTM A193 B16

ASTM A320 L7





Supported Thread Types​

  • Coarse
  • Fine
  • Acme
  • Left Hand
  • Metric

Threaded Rod & Studs

Available in diameters up to 4”. Have custom requirements? We’ve got you covered. Contact us today.