All Ohio Threaded Rod

Bent Bolts

All Ohio Threaded Rod also has extensive capabilities in manufacturing large bent bolts. This is in addition to our expertise in threaded rod production, further solidifying our commitment to providing a comprehensive range of high-quality fastening solutions tailored to your specific needs.


U-Bolt, Round Bend (DxLxCxT)

Eye Bolt Open (DxLxCxExT)

Eye Bolt, Closed (DxLXCxT)

Hook Bolt, Right Angle Bend (DxLxCsT)

Hook Bolt, Square Bend (DxLxCxAxT)

Hook Bolt, Special (DxLxCxTzB) *B expressed in degrees

Hook Bolt Round Bend (DxLxCxAxT)

J-Bolt (DxLxCxExTxMxN)